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Join Our Launch Team!


Would you like to help me get the message of Kindness and Love, out into the world? That’s what the world needs now! Join my Launch Team and Let’s. Do. This!


It’s easy!


1. Receive a FREE digital copy (ebook or pdf) of Jax and his Magical Gift


2. You will be provided with a link to post a short review (If you’re like me, I tend to stress over these things, so seriously- don’t! - It could be as short as a sentence or two!)


3. On Launch day (you will get notified in advance), simply copy and paste your review onto Amazon. It’s that simple!


I know you’ve chosen to help from the kindness of your heart, and I always like to give back, so I’m going to hold a special Gift Card raffle as a “Thank you!” to all those who participate!

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