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About the Author

Even as a little girl, author Edie Dearing had an insatiable desire for everyone to feel loved . . . Then, life happened, and she became just a wee bit derailed from her mission!  Luckily, after her son, Jax, was born, he became the catalyst propelling Edie’s spiritual journey back to the Truth of her heart!

Edie found her ‘home’ at the University of Santa Monica, completing her studies in Advanced Spiritual Psychology, with a focus on Life Mastery and Soul-Centered Living.  After miraculously transforming her life and getting back to fulfilling her true purpose, she recently founded Breathing Love. Its mission enables Edie and Jax to share their gift of translating spiritual concepts into practical tools for the advancement of humanity. 

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Edie is a perfect mother... NOT!! But with the training she’s getting from Jax, she soon may very well be!

About the Illustrator

Noor Alshalabi is a Jordan-based illustrator who started drawing ever since she learned how to hold a pencil.


After getting her BA in Visual Arts and Design, she pursued her dream of turning her imagination into reality through children’s books.


You can always find her with a cup of coffee, curled up with a good book, watching movies, playing with her pet bird, spending time with a friend, or going for a hike. Nature is both her source of inspiration and relaxation.


The Real Jax

From the moment Jax was born, his sweet and heart-centered soul was undeniably palpable. At just three years old, Jax asked his mom, “Are we going to be together again next time?” thus proving his innate wisdom and spirituality.

Jax has a strong will and incredible perseverance, which has allowed him to overcome adverse circumstances. His strength of heart and courage have led him to become resilient and use his leadership qualities to advocate for others.

Jax has many profound quotes he likes to share, the most prevalent being, “Remember, the most important thing is love."

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