Jax and his Magical Gift

Now more than ever, parents, teachers, and mental health professionals realize the importance of setting the foundation for cultivating self-esteem in our kids.

How can Jax find true happiness . . . regardless of the circumstances?

Like every child, Jax wants to “be happy” and make “good choices,” but sometimes, he makes mistakes. Many things in life can be upsetting—bringing up BIG EMOTIONS.

Using a gentle, positive approach to SEL, Jax and his Magical Gift addresses kids’ feelings—unlike other books that focus on “reward and punishment” (sometimes disguised as “consequences”).

Every child deserves to know the magic of who they truly are.

This POWERHOUSE for SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING (SEL) instills DEEP VALUES, encourages a GROWTH MINDSET, and highlights EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. In addition to understanding self-regulation, your kids will learn invaluable lifelong lessons.